Clever Hands Nursery

The Clever Hands nursery has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the children it cares for, including their physical, developmental and emotional needs. Our aim is to combine the best of the home environment with the best of the nursery environment in order to create a space in which your child can grow, learn and develop his/her full potential.

When I designed the nursery, I did so with my own children in mind, applying both my personal experience as a mother and my professional expertise gained from working as an educator. This is the base on which Clever Hands was founded and it will continue to operate to that extremely high standard.

The human senses are a wonderful gift, allowing us to explore, interpret and understand the world in which we live. In order to learn fully, we must experience fully, which means we must engage all of our senses. When we do this, we take learning to a new level. We proceed beyond merely seeing and hearing in the classroom to touching, holding, exploring and investigating with our hands. As the name of our nursery indicates, this is the approach we take at Clever Hands – we encourage our children to explore their world fully. We don’t show the children an apple and say ‘apple’ – that would teach only one element. Instead, we hand the apple to the children so they can touch it, smell it and taste it and make all the connections between the word ‘apple’ and the object itself.

Fact Sheet

School Name: Clever Hands Nursery

Primary Contact: Yasmin Farouk

E-mail Address:

Head Teacher: Christina Agrotou

Address: 25 Street,  back side of Munhal School, Mushrif Area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +971506896238

Student Age Range: 1 month – 4 years

Class Size Range: 14-16 students

Curriculum: Modern Montessori

Annual Fee Range: AED 27,000