Deerfields Nursery

Deerfields Nursery, aims to offer safe and secure childcare to kids aged four months to four years, ensuring their complete development. Teachers and staff have extensive certifications and training in Early Years Foundation Stage British Curriculum, which follows the UK based Early Years Foundation Stage programme. 
The nursery offers a wide range of stimulating extracurricular activities such as French and Arabic language lessons, ballet, gymnastics, karate, yoga, music, art and even an area for children to grow their own plants. Kids can also let their hair down in the huge sandpit, dip their feet in the water play area, test their culinary skills in the cooking station, or practise their typing in the IT room.

Deerfields Nursery

Located in Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, Deerfields Nursery teaches the EYFS-British Curriculum and follows the UK-based Early Years Foundation Stage program. Its dedicated and highly qualified staff members and a full-time medical nurse give close personal attention to every child, as they focus on 
children’s complete development while maintaining the environment and programs that will benefit their learning experience.
Deerfields Nursery operates on flexible hours. Parents can bring their children in at times that suit them and can also choose from days’ attendance options. Children can also benefit from a wide 
variety of extracurricular activities that include but not limited to learning French and Arabic, attending ballet, gymnastics, karate, yoga, music and art classes.

Fact Sheet

Primary Contact: Natalie Sengezer

Primary Contact Email:


School Address: KHALIFA CITY A 29 
VILLA 62, ABU DHABI 39996 
United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +971 2 6664225


Student Age Range: Youngest Student Under 1

Student Age Range: Oldest Student 4

Class Size Range: Smallest Class 6 Students

Class Size Range: Largest Class 20 Students

Curriculum: British

Annual Fee Range: AED 36500-42500

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