IDEA Early Learning Center

IDEA Early Learning Center is located within the heart of the Victory Heights community of Dubai. We provide a nurturing environment for your children to explore, grow and learn within an innovative early years setting. At IDEA Early Learning Center we instill a love for learning through the highly regarded Creative Curriculum, which focuses on literacy development for children aged 1-6 years (infants, pre-KG, KG1 and KG2).

At IDEA ELC we have an ambitious vision for the future because we want to give your child the best foundation for their future. We pride ourselves on our core values:

Respect- for children and families from a variety range of backgrounds, religions, heritages and cultures
Appreciation- of the individual needs of our children and the valuable support from successful partnerships with their parents
Responsibility- for our children’s progress and future
Innovation- continually developing so that our children can express their unique personalities and preferences

What makes us different?
The Creative Curriculum is a program of study that supports active, hands on, collaborative, inquiry based learning which will promote your child’s progress in all developmental areas;
The Creative Curriculum has a strong literacy focus even with our youngest children;
We know that children learn best through play and risk-taking;
We want your child to love reading;
Our literacy-rich classrooms and various learning experiences provide early learning experiences to create a solid foundation on which your child will build their education;
We recruit staff that are professional, experienced and well qualified with expertise in a variety of areas;
We commit to providing your child with plentiful opportunities to explore their own interests, facilitated by our staff, so that they can develop at their own rate. Our staff will ensure that your child is challenged so that they progress quickly.

Fact Sheet

Primary Contact: Ashleigh Thompson

Primary Contact Email:

Head: Ashleigh Thompson

School Address: Off Golf Course Drive, Victory Heights Sports City Dubai 
United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: 0442766714


Student Age Range: Youngest Student 1

Student Age Range: Oldest Student 6

Class Size Range: Smallest Class 8 Students

Class Size Range: Largest Class 20 Students

Curriculum: American

Annual Fee Range: 35,000-43,000 5 days

Other Information: Flexible day options available, daycare and after school clubs