IQ Kids Nursery 

We are the essence of expertise melted down to form the first nursery in the state which applies the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and provides care model as well as academic and social development for future children. 

The foundations of our approach are based on Secupedagojah philosophy which depends on developing skills relating to smart patterns.
The nursery was designed internally and externally by experienced experts in order to create adequate physical conditions for the world of childhood.

Fact Sheet

School Name: IQ Kids Nursery

Primary Contact: Marwa

Primary Contact E-mail:

E-mail Address:

Admissions E-mail Address:

Head Teacher: Ms. Marwa Al Faris

Address: Abu Dhabi- Bani Yas Est 11, Bani Yas , United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +97126650333

Student Age Range: 3 months to 4 years

Class Size Range: 10-15 students

Curriculum: British

Annual Fee Range: AED 3,000