Safa Community School

Safa Community School first opened its doors in 2014. Building on the success of its sister school, the school is built with a vision to be a model for the future of education – representing a forward thinking, integrated response to the educational challenges of tomorrow. This is reflected in every facet of the school – the child friendly architecture of the school campus, the design of classrooms and learning spaces as well as comprehensive outdoor sports facilities. The school aims to be a truly ‘community’ school with strong links between students, parents, teachers and other members of its immediate community.


To help your child become an able, confident and inspired learner, our curriculum approaches learning with a clear progression in skill development. Your child will consider topics from multiple perspectives and make meaningful connections between what he or she learns in the subjects studied.

Our Focus
Fact Sheet

Primary Contact: Sally Rycroft



Head: Andrew Prosser (Head of Primary)

School Address: Safa Community School Umm Seqeim Road, Al Barsha Dubai 71091 
United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: 04 3851810



Student Age Range: Youngest 3 - Oldest 13

Class Size Range: Smallest Class 20 Students

Class Size Range: Largest Class 24 Students

Curriculum: British

Learning for Life
Our focus on interactive, child-centred teaching means that all children receive the attention they need to develop as fully rounded individuals.

Inspiring Creativity
A varied programme of artistic activity, including (among many others) painting, drawing, music, drama, dance, sewing and clay-making, is a vital part of each school day. 

Aspiring to success
Physical exercise provides a strong foundation for good health, along with the essential qualities of co-operation, sportsmanship and personal endeavour.

Challenging in many ways 
We aim to provide a varied, stimulating and adventurous day of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Becoming citizens of the world
We encourage our pupils to be aware of the world around them so they can become active citizens. This sense of responsibility extends from their immediate classmates to the school as a whole, from the local community to the world beyond.

Safa Community School will prepare our students for a global, multicultural world requiring relevant 21st Century skills; and the ability to research, retain and use knowledge in a range of different circumstances with creative flair and intellectual dexterity. We will build confidence, we will raise expectations and we will challenge minds! Our core academic curriculum will cement strong foundations; our extra-curricular activities will enlighten minds and our nurturing supportive environment will bring out the best in every individual. We will seek out their talents, we will engage with our community and we will deliver excellence.

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