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What's it all about?

We think many parents will agree with us when we say that deciding which nursery or school to put your little one in can be a complete pain.

Which school is best? Which curriculum is right for your child? How much are the school fees? What is the payment structure? Does the school offer extra-curricular activities, or provide extra support to children who need it?

Imagine if we told you that you could have all these questions answered, find the right school AND register your child in less than one day, regardless of whether you and your family live and work in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi.

Our goal with The School and Nursery Show is and has always been, to make it easy for you, the parents. We know what it's like, we've been there - and everyone in our team is wearing the t-shirt!

Just like you, we spent countless hours trawling around countless schools and nurseries, and just like you, we found it difficult to get the right answers from the right people. That's why we started The School and Nursery Show, because we knew it had to be easier, and now, as we enter our 5th consecutive year of the show, it is!

Register for a ticket now, find the right school and give yourself a break. You deserve it!

Abu Dhabi. March 17th and 18th, The Domes, Zayed Sports City.

Dubai. March 17th and 18th, Dubai International Marine Club.


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